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Uniform is worn to create a school identity and a sense of

belonging and pride for pupils.


Uniform consists of

Mid-grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

White polo shirt

Red school sweatshirt or jumper *

Black/dark coloured shoes

Grey or white socks, or grey tights


Alternative summer uniform consists of

Black shorts

White polo shirt

Red T-shirt with school logo *

Red gingham dress


PE kit consists of

White T-shirt with school badge *

Navy shorts with school badge *


Items marked * are available from the school office,

together with other items bearing the school badge


e.g.      Navy waterproof Fleece Jacket

            PE bags

            Book bags       

            Sun hats


All other items of school uniform are readily available at local shops or large chain stores.

Pupils with parents on Income Support allowances may be eligible for clothing grants.  Forms to apply for these concessions are available from the school office.


Please note that the only jewellery allowed to be worn in school is a wrist watch and one pair of stud style earrings in the ears. All earrings must be removed for P.E. lessons.

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