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Our School Council Updates

Triathlon success! - February 2016

We met up with Shirenewton and Pembroke year 5 and 6 school councillors to discuss the activities that we will plan for

our joint triathlon. We decided to do a circuit, obstacle course and throwing activities. We raised £77.27 at Thornwell


Plates survey - March 2016



We created pupil surveys to find out if pupils would like plates and dishes instead of trays at lunchtime.


The results showed that 144 pupils would like plates and dishes and 29 pupils said no to plates and dishes.

 The reasons given for having plates and dishes included:

- It won't feel like being in prison

- we will feel more grown up

- it is cleaner and nicer

 - we don't like eating out of a tray

 - it is something stronger than trays

- I will feel at home

 - We are too old to have trays

-plates and dishes look better

- it shows that we are trusted

 - we won't spill our drinks into our food








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