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The national curriculum that we know today has developed from one that was given the go-ahead in 1988 under education reforms by the then education secretary Kenneth Baker. It started to be taught in schools in September 1989.  A lot has changed since then! 26 years ago we did not have access to the internet. There were no smartboards, tablets or DVD's, and even the mobile phone was in it's infancy.

So…time for an upgrade!

Prof Graham Donaldson of Glasgow University was asked to lead a wide-ranging review by the Welsh government.


Successful Futures. An Independent Review of Curriculum  and Assessment Arrangements in Wales was published in 2015.

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The                                        has been co-constructed by teachers, leaders and experts across Wales, drawing on the success of the best performing Education Systems worldwide.

It contains...

At Thornwell we are very excited about the new curriculum. Much of what is recommended within the Successful Futures report  is already embedded in our School Vision, in our policies and practices. We are now experimenting with some of the less familiar aspects of the new curriculum to ensure that we will continue to provide the best possible standard of education for our pupils in the future.

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