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Over the past 12 months we have been working on achieving our bronze Cymraeg Campus Award. The idea is to increase the importance and the amount of Welsh that is used in our school. To get our award we have done many things, including organising Welsh competitions to get more people to speak Welsh, but in a fun way, and it also promotes the importance of it.

Every Monday in assemblies we say what we are going to be doing over the week. We also mention what is on the Welsh graffiti board so children can practise a new phrase. E.g. Ble est ti? (Where did you go?), Beth wyt ti’n hoffi? (What do you like?), and Beth wyt ti’n hoffi wisgo? (What do you like wearing?)

We have a Criw Cymraeg rota where we take it in turns to the use of Welsh throughout the school in breakfast club, on the yard and in the dinner hall. We give out Tocyn Iaith (Welsh raffle tickets) which give children who use Welsh the chance to win a prize in our weekly prize draw. We also go to Foundation Phase and support the younger children speaking Welsh, playing Welsh games and also reading Welsh stories to them.

At our summer fate on Friday 14th June we had a welsh table/stand where some of our Criw Cymraeg were sat with Welsh placemats and Ipads on Learn although. The children who attended were making their very best effort to teach adults and other children simple Welsh phrases.

Hopefully by the end of this term we will be able to report back that we have earned our Bronze Award, and then we can continue onto the Silver Award.

Leo B (Criw Cymraeg)

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